A prehistoric flint knife from Yorkshire

A prehistoric flint knife from Yorkshire

During August, we are publishing through this blog a series of new photographs taken by archaeological photographer Ian Cartwright for an online Image Gallery created with the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council. You can read more about the gallery here, and you can see the whole gallery online here.

Here is our caption for this image:

This prehistoric flint knife, with a curved edge and straight back, is probably Neolithic in date. Its recorded provenance, “Yorkshire”, is unspecific, but the faded number in black ink, ‘1337’, correlates with a manuscript source dating from 1874 in which Pitt-Rivers recorded a “triangular flint knife or arrowhead”. Since Pitt-Rivers was born in Yorkshire and returned there throughout his life, the object could have been acquired by him any time before 1874 (Pitt Rivers Museum Accession Number 1884.123.333).

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