Excavations at Cissbury

Pitt-Rivers has a long history of archaeological work at Cissbury, first visiting the site whilst surveying the hillforts of Sussex in 1866-1867, returning later in 1867 to carry out excavations at the site, which continued for a second season in 1868.  Seven years on the General revisited the site in 1875 to reopen a number of pits and resume his excavations.

White patinated flint core (PRM 1884.131.19) excavated from Pit 13 on January 31st 1868 by Lane Fox. 
We have started work on the Cissbury archaeological assemblage which is dominated by stone tools.  The majority are recorded as having been found by Lane Fox, however a few are attributed to local people who provided assistance to the General during the excavations.  Mr. Tupper the gamekeeper is named on a number of stone tools yet to be catalogued, as is Mr. Charles Ballard the miller, who provided tents and labour for the excavations (Lane Fox 1876:385, Harrison 1877: 431, 437).  He also collected an iron chain (PRM 1884.140.558) which he presented to the General in 1877.

Iron chain (PRM 1884.140.558) found by Mr. Ballard and presented to Lane Fox.
Lane Fox, A
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