Watercolour of Barrow Excavations at Whitmoor Common, Surrey in May 1877

Yesterday we published a transcription of Pitt-Rivers' account of his excavations in May 1877 of Bronze Age and early medieval barrows - 'On Tumuli near Guildford'. Above is an additional item related to that post: a watercolour view of the excavations, described in that account, of the two Bronze Age barrows at Whitmoor Common, near Whorplesdon, Surrey. 

The watercolour is held by the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum (Pitt-Rivers papers, item R7e), and is one of the earliest examples of Pitt-Rivers' technique of combining accurate, measured recording of excavations with more artistic or playful colour depictions of the excavation process - and, in this case, even one of the excavators!

Further Reading
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