In Our Time (BBC Radio 4) - Pitt-Rivers

Image: A Romano-British Samian ware bowl from Richborough Roman Fort, Kent (PRM Accession Number 1884.37.26), photographed and documented by the Excavating Pitt-Rivers project team in February 2013.

Public engagement is a central element of the Excavating Pitt-Rivers project. This week, Dan Hicks, who leads the project, spoke about the project to archaeologists at the University of Leicester, and to the A Town Unearthed project in Folkestone, Kent - where Pitt-Rivers excavated at Castle Hill (Caesar's Camp) in June-July 1878. 

This continues next week, when on 28 February Dan will be in discussion with Adam KuperRichard Bradley and Melvyn Bragg on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time programme. More details on the broadcast are here - 

Image: Base of the Romano-British Samian ware bowl from Richborough Roman Fort, Kent (PRM Accession Number 1884.37.26).

Meanwhile, the documentation process continues: we are finalising our reports on Pitt-Rivers' excavations in Yorkshire, Kent and Surrey, and Judy and Carlotta are starting to open the boxes for the many ceramic sherds excavated by the General from sites in Sussex. The reports, and the updates on our documentation process, will be posted here in the coming weeks.

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